2712 St. Emanuel St., Houston, TX 77004 (inside Houston MuscleHeadz Gym)
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Pilates Reformer Studio in Houston

Here's the 411


What to Bring to Your First Class

In addition to a chill and positive vibe, bring water and a towel.  NOTE: socks with appropriate grips are required for each class.  They are available for purchase in the studio.

What to Expect

Our method utilizes the Allegro 2 Reformer to promote overall body and core strength, stability, muscle control, lengthening and endurance.  Using the power of music to motivate and inspire, each class is unique and provides a distinctive body sculpting and training experience.

Where are we?

We are located in the heart of Houston's Third Ward inside Houston Muscleheadz Gym.  There is ample parking available; either park in the designated parking lot or on the street.  Enter through the green door and walk to the back of the gym.  We look forward to seeing you!

Studio Etiquette

Whether it's your first class or 50th class, follow these simple tips to get the most out of your experience. 

Unplug: We work hard to create a space that can be your sanctuary where you can be 100% present during class. While we do not prohibit you from having your cell phone, please keep it on silent during class to respect the peace around you!

Chatter: We encourage you to make connections with other class participants, but please keep the chitchat to a minimum during class. Talking during class can distract your instructor and others.  That said, please feel free to sing along to the music! After all, we are here to have FUN. 

Clean it up!: After class, please wipe down the Reformer machine and all other equipment used during class with the provided disinfecting wipe.  Maintaining a clean atmosphere is critical to the vibe in the studio.

Toe Socks:  Socks with appropriate grips are required for each class.  This is for your own safety while working on the Reformer machine.  Socks are available for purchase in the studio.

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Cancellation Policy


Effective March 8, 2018, Pilates HTX will be implementing the following cancellation policy:

If you can't make class, please cancel your reservation six (6) hours prior to the scheduled class time. Cancellations must be made online.

To modify or cancel a reservation, please make these changes 6 hours before your scheduled class to avoid losing a credit. To be fair to all Pilates HTX'ers, unlimited packages will be charged a $10 late cancellation fee and $15 for a no-show.

***Policies are subject to change


"You can feel the positive energy when you enter the room!  Niki creates a powerful experience!" - J.L.


“Niki’s energy is what sets this studio and her classes apart from other reformer pilates classes I’ve taken. Niki’s class is tough but her overall vibe makes it totally worth the effort!” P.G.

"Niki monitors all of the students to ensure proper positioning and form.  She gives constant verbal reminders.  I NEED THOSE... I Really really LOVE IT!!!!" S.M.

"Innovative moves on the machine.  My body says YES!" M.A.

"I truly enjoy the classes here, especially because each class is unique and focuses on different muscle groups. I appreciated Niki's ability to target areas that I want to focus on while introducing me to different exercises that will ultimately help lengthen and lean out my body. Great studio! " M.T.

"I leave every class a little more revitalized than I walked in." T.T.